2016 Olympics – discover and meet athletes, fans and tourists in Rio ?>

2016 Olympics – discover and meet athletes, fans and tourists in Rio

The biggest sporting event of the world is about to start later this week. There have been some reports about the Olympic village construction not being up to the mark, the state of the Brazilian economy and the crime rate in major cities like Rio.

But most people will agree that it is fitting that the Olympics are being hosted by one of the top 10 global economies. And it is being held in a continent that is crazy about sports.

Come August 5th all focus will shift to the sporting and cultural extravaganza that is the summer Olympics. There is a huge buzz and we will see some stellar performances and many world records that will tumble (hopefully).

But Olympics are also one big celebration, a once in 4 years party and Rio doesn’t need to be taught anything about the art of partying.

Raunchiest Olympics Ever?

These are also being called the “raunchiest games ever”. 450,000 – That’s how many camisinhas (little shirts in Brazilian slang) are being supplied by the International Olympics Committee for the 2016 Rio Summer Games.

Apart from 350,000 condoms, 100,000 female condoms and 175,000 packets of lubricant for Rio’s Olympic Village are contributing to the “raunchiest” title.

This is how condom distribution by organizers stack up for the previous few summer olympic games.

Condoms distributed in summer olympics

The Zika virus may be one of the reasons for this largesse. The Australian team is coming with their own antiviral condoms (pun unintended) to provide extra protection !

Olympics and Hook-Ups

At the 2000 Olympics, javelin competitor Breaux Greer  had sex with three women every day

Two were Olympians — a pole vaulter and a hurdler — and the other was a  vacationer of Scandinavian decent. He had to pull out of the competition with a knee injury !

Tinder has been pretty popular in the last summer and winter olympics. For some the Olympic village is like freshman year of college times a hundred.

“I’ve seen people having sex right out in the open. On the grass, between buildings, people are getting down and dirty,” says Hope Solo, goalkeeper for the United States’ women’s soccer team, who estimates that 70 to 75 percent of Olympians are hooking up.

Once they are done with the event the athletes are competing in there is lot of free time till the end of the games.

After so many years of preparation and sacrifice, most of them are willing to let their hair down.

Meet others at the Olympics without Swiping Left / Right 

If you just want to meet and interact with people around you ( and not just swipe right and left) then the VoyageUp App can be very useful during the Olympics. It’s available on both iOS and Android in all major global languages.

iOS: http://apple.co/1U4zItC

Android: http://bit.ly/1YEMaQ2

The app does not save contacts, friend lists etc – Everything is in the moment. Anytime you want to connect with others around you it shows you two circles of users:

1> Users connected to the same WiFi as you

2> Users in a 1 mile radius around you

You can directly chat with these people without sending or accepting invites / requests. VoyageUp makes it easier for someone to walk up to people around them and build a real connection.

The athletes in the Olympic village can use VoyageUp to discover and meet other athletes for a coffee , meal or just hang out together.

It can also be a great way for fans to interact with their favorite personalities as they can chat and meet with them provided they are in a 1 mile radius of the Olympic village.

Download it now and make some cool connections during this two and a half week celebration !


By Ashutosh Dabral

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