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VoyageUp Activities: Find others with same interests



Living life out of a suitcase can be hard. There’s the added perk of getting to see the whole world but it also means living in hotels rather than homes. For some, living in hotels is something of an adventure, for others it is a necessity.

But in both cases comfort is paramount. Hotels will treat you like kings and may even cater to all your possible whims but at the end of the day, it’s not home.

VoyageUp strives to bridge that gap and go that extra mile in making your travels all that more enjoyable.

How you may ask? We are now firmly entrenched in the digital age and almost all hotels these days provide Wi-Fi facilities. That opens the door to VoyageUp. Missing that pesky Apple charger which is absolutely vital but practically irreplaceable?

Odds are there’s someone else in the lobby who has exactly what you’re looking for. Spectacle cleaners, voltage converters or other such items often forgotten by travelers can now be easily borrowed through VoyageUp. But we’ve covered this already in our earlier articles.

Now introducing a new feature to pique your interest.

Profile example

The Activities Section:

Kick the lethargy bug and step out of the hotel. Too tired after a day in office or after a hectic day of sightseeing.

Or you have a weekend in the middle of your work trip and not sure what to do ?

Now with VoyageUp you can find a partner anywhere in the world for the activity you are interested in.

Find other people who would like to go for a morning run ! You feel great after a run but you need a running buddy who will keep you going when those last few miles feel like an eternity. Or maybe you need a spotter to go to the gym.

Something more exciting like an afternoon of scuba diving or a weekend trip to a nearby ski resort. Or you need a group which will go with you for pub hopping, dancing or wine tasting.

All these and more are within touching distance with the help of Activities@VoyageUp. Just go to your profile and select the activities you are interested in. And then skim through the profile of others to find people who have similar interests. Or wait for them to reach out to you if you don’t want to take the first step 🙂

Enhance your experience with our services. Who knows you might make a new best friend, whose interests match yours exactly and that’s always a special thing. Bring out the running shoes and swimming gear, it’s time to make your hotel stay unforgettable


By: Vishakh P

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