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Networking made easy for introverts ?>

Networking made easy for introverts

Networking with new people is not easy for many people. They view it as insincere at best, manipulative at worst. If they could just break the ice more easily, had more self-confidence things would be so much easier. If you’re struggling to meet new people, here’s some advice for increasing your networking mojo using VoyageUp What is VoyageUp? It’s an app that helps you discover and meet new people nearby. It shows you people in your vicinity utilizing location services on your…

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VoyageUp Activities: Find others with same interests ?>

VoyageUp Activities: Find others with same interests

  Living life out of a suitcase can be hard. There’s the added perk of getting to see the whole world but it also means living in hotels rather than homes. For some, living in hotels is something of an adventure, for others it is a necessity. But in both cases comfort is paramount. Hotels will treat you like kings and may even cater to all your possible whims but at the end of the day, it’s not home. VoyageUp strives…

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How to break the ice ? ?>

How to break the ice ?

  In the world we live in it’s often a case of whom you know as opposed to what you know counts for more. Sometimes you need that slight bit of help getting the door open, putting your name in the hat so to speak. For better or worse, networking does in fact have a huge impact on the opportunities that come your way. Many people think of networking as attendance at cheesy business card exchange events or suffering through…

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