How to get a running partner OnDemand ! ?>

How to get a running partner OnDemand !

If you are someone who would like to find a running partner then there are a few options available – join a running club, ask around at your gym, register for a race etc. But what if you want to find an impromptu running partner ? There is no easy way to do that.

That’s where VoyageUp comes in.

It is an app that helps you find activity partners on demand.

Impromptu Running buddy:

Want to go for a run in 30 minutes and don’t want to step out alone. Log into VoyageUp and press the center “donut”. Click on the connection opportunity Run and let people nearby know more details – till when are you available for the run, how long do you want to run etc.

Find a partner nearby on the fly and have a more enjoyable run.

Find multiple running partner / setup a running event:

Join the running community on VoyageUp. The VoyageUp team or our sponsors keep on organizing running events there very frequently.

But the best part is that you can setup your own running event within minutes ( for free)

Just enter the date/time/duration of the event in the Running community. People will register and show up for the event.

Instead of doing your weekly long run alone you could just setup a 5K/10K running event and meet multiple like minded individuals.

Since VoyageUp is available globally so you can use it to find partners anytime you travel. So there is no excuse to miss out on your weekly runs now because you are in a new city or new country

Go ahead use VoyageUp and never run alone again !

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