Brazil Olympics 2016: Have a blast. Party with locals using VoyageUp ?>

Brazil Olympics 2016: Have a blast. Party with locals using VoyageUp


sea-beach-holiday-vacation This August, the world comes to Rio once again, for the greatest spectacle in world sports, the Olympic Games.

37 venues, 42 sports, 206 nations, more than 10000 athletes. Two years after the astounding success of the FIFA World Cup, attended by an estimated 3.5 million fans flocked the games in 2014, Brazil is gearing up to host an even bigger party.

Add to that the wealth of tourist attractions from the sunny beaches in Rio to adventure travel in the Amazon, it’s a ready made recipe for fun 🙂

But there’s a catch. from biking trips to go clubbing at night, as they say in the Lego Movie “Everything’s cool when you’re part of a team!!” I can’t count the number of times I’ve said “Hey! That’s cool! I wanna go” followed by the little voice inside saying “But there’s no one else, why not just stay inside.”

With VoyageUp you can now take that pesky voice and banish it for good. Want to watch the equestrian games 10 miles away? Odds are there’s probably someone nearby who wants to as well. Or maybe surfing down by Ipanema beach. Whatever floats your boat, there’s another one like you out there and what better chance will you get to meet your personality doppleganger because people throng to one place from all corners of the globe. It is this coming together of people that led the “most famous beach in the world”, the Copacabana to be called a celebration of life on Earth.

From Pedra da Gávea to Iguazu falls, there’s many a treat for wayfarers and with VoyageUp you can land yourself a carioca to be your guide. Brazil is the land of the adventurous with a well established backpacking culture so leave that lethargy at home and bring your finest hiking boots 😀 Listen to Avicii “One day you’ll leave this world behind, So live a life you will remember.” Running groups, cycling trips, treks, anything is possible. You just need to find the right people.

Last but not least, the partying. São Paulo has modern electronic-music clubs, Rio has funk, Recife has the best Carnaval, and Curitiba has a big psychobilly scene. With an outgoing, friendly populace, you’ve not truly been to Brazil until you’ve danced until the sun comes up. But who parties alone? Now, no one. With the new pub hopping feature, VoyageUp helps you find other juerguistas and wake up the next morning with a bunch of everlasting memories (and maybe a caipiroska hangover if that’s your thing :P)

If there ever was a country that embodies the You Only Live Once mantra, it is Brazil and VoyageUp is in line with this ultimate opportunist attitude. Go out and seize the day. The world is at your doorstep. Make connections that’ll last you a lifetime.

Author: Vishakh PadmaKumar

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