A Soccer fan meets another Soccer fan ?>

A Soccer fan meets another Soccer fan


Discover and meet other sport fans in a stadium

Is there anything that brings people closer together than football? Thousands of fans flock the stadiums week after week and some even take the challenge of traveling to far off games. Watching superstars like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar dazzle crowds with audacious pieces of skill, or watching homegrown wonder-kids break through the first team ranks like Harry Kane or Gianluigi Donnarumma, I’m sure every football fan would agree that the stadium experience is irreplaceable.

Although in recent years, fan attendance is a bit shaky in some parts as it has met its fiercest competitor, the Big Screen Television. Teams have faced the reality that it’s a lot cheaper and a lot easier for a fan to watch the big game in their family room. So the teams have to make it more appealing than ever before to lure fans to the stadium.

The Clubs need to enhance the stadium experience if they want fans to continue to come to stadium to watch these matches. One of the must haves to improve the stadium experience these days is to provide free Wi-Fi. With the convenience of a Wi-Fi, the fan gets an experience at the stadium that they cannot get anywhere else. The fans can go one step further. They can meet other fans in the stadium or maybe at a bar for a post match drinking session. That’s where VoyageUp comes in. VoyageUp helps you connect to other people using the same Wi-Fi as you, enabling you to find others with similar interests or needs. Need a ride home after a rough trip to an away game? It’s just a click away. Or maybe the hidden wildlife photographer inside you needs awakening? Who better than to meet a Nat Geo magazine editor.

Most of the clubs have started providing free WiFi in stadium these days. Manchester City has become the first Premier League club to introduce free WiFi throughout their stadium. This marks an ongoing digital initiative at the club that includes apps aimed at visiting fans to help them navigate the area.  A recent tie-up between Real Madrid and Microsoft to launch a Wi-Fi match app is further confirmation that clubs are looking to venture into the digital world. In addition to them, Scottish champions Celtic became the first club to roll out a fully commercialized Wifi system. PSV Eindhoven in the Netherlands also introduced free Wi-Fi and found out that over 17,000 people used the wireless network during the match day. Apparently football stadiums are no longer sacred; they are just the latest places to be colonized by people whose necks are craned over so they can peer into dim screens and roll their thumbs over their smartphone screens. 

Discover other football fans in the stadium using VoyageUp next time you are in a stadium that provides a WiFi.

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