France: The first international launch of VoyageUp ?>

France: The first international launch of VoyageUp


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Paris, a place in which we can forget ourselves, reinvent, expunge the dead weight of our past. A city that encourages you to take your time and enjoy life.

A city of love, the perfect setting for a romantic moment because its beauty strikes you at every corner, with its elegant yet impressive architecture, the legends that stick to its iconic monuments, and the subtle combination of art, history and nature.

Just walk across the Pont du Carrousel and have a glance towards Île de la Cité: admire the Pont des Arts and Pont-Neuf stepping over the Seine, and Notre-Dame emerging behind the old houses.

We just launched VoyageUp in France on both iOS and Android.

Breaking the ice and finding a date has never been easier. A romantic nighttime stroll is high up on the Parisian to-do list of many, be it ambling around the narrow streets of the old Marais neighborhood, especially Place des Vosges or Rue de Turenne or meandering around Ile Saint Louis along the banks of the river Seine, can be the start of something special or maybe just even a tune up that you needed after a rough year.

But Paris is not just for couples. Digital nomads from all corners of the globe throng to Paris hoping to grab some of that magic and reinvigorate their lives. Outdoor cafes, tourist locations, WiFi is everywhere and with the Activities section you’d find company for everything from an unforgettable (or maybe forgotten if you take it too far :p ) night of wine tasting to a biking tour of a city entrenched in history.

Thematic cycling tours such as Hidden Paris, Medieval Paris, Railway Paris, Ancien Régime Paris, and Belle Epoque Paris are organised on a daily basis, the only difficulty was finding the group. Now we can cast that aside as well. For those with more whacky tastes, did you know you could rollerblade around Paris at night exploring the city. Rollermaniacs have made their nightly apparition on the Paris boulevards an event worth experiencing. Or maybe you want to spend an afternoon bird watching at the reserve at the Rond-Point Dauphine

Whatever strikes a chord with you, we guarantee to find a buddy to join you for it – hikes, road trips, canal cruises. Thousands of opportunities just waiting to be seized. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to embrace the joie de vivre with VoyageUp

Author: Vishakh PadmaKumar

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