Networking made easy for introverts ?>

Networking made easy for introverts

Networking with new people is not easy for many people. They view it as insincere at best, manipulative at worst.

If they could just break the ice more easily, had more self-confidence things would be so much easier.

If you’re struggling to meet new people, here’s some advice for increasing your networking mojo using VoyageUp

What is VoyageUp?

It’s an app that helps you discover and meet new people nearby.

It shows you people in your vicinity utilizing location services on your phone; it also shows you people connected to the same Wi-Fi network as you are.

VoyageUp also has interest and proximity based communities where you can network with people in a group setting.

VoyageUp aims to make it easier for anyone to walk across the room and start a real conversation with someone else.

It can uplift your networking quotient no matter where you are – professional event, new to a town, stuck at an airport.

How to use VoyageUp for networking?


If the idea of reaching out to people you don’t know intimidates you, begin your networking efforts by first approaching people you have things in common with.

When you log in to VoyageUp it shows you the profiles of people around you.

It also shows you how many interests you have in common and if you have any common friends.

You can also see if any people around you are ready to catch up for – a drink, meal, game of tennis etc.

This way you could first reach out to people who are already broadcasting their interest to meet someone.

A series of successful conversations will make you more confident in the process.


Network by helping each other out

Introverts and inexperienced networkers often apologize when asking for an individual’s help because they see networking as an imposition. VoyageUp actually helps you ask for help or provide help to others nearby.

Maybe you want to borrow a iPhone charger when you are out and about. VoyageUp helps you find someone who can lend you one.

Networking Dale Carnegie style

Dale Carnegie literally wrote the book on networking in 1936. How to Win Friends and Influence People demystified the process of making friends out of strangers and inspired legions of business coaches to carry on Carnegie’s message. In a nutshell

  • Smile
  • Ask a question
  • Listen
  • Business cards
  • Say the person’s name

Use VoyageUp communities to tap in to your passions


Join communities on VoyageUp and attend events that relate to an interest or activity you enjoy. Enjoy running – join the running group of your city.

Don’t go for a run alone on the weekend – create your own running event and meet other runners that day.

VoyageUp also organizes some events or gets sponsors to organize a few of them.

But you don’t have to plan them too much in advance – decide now if you want to meet people for a run tomorrow and then setup the run on the app

The advantage of engaging in activities you enjoy with other people is that it makes conversation so much easier.

Attending gatherings where you feel comfortable helps you put your best foot forward

If you’re afraid you’ll freeze up or get tongue-tied in a social setting, prepare yourself in advance. Think of ice-breaker questions you can ask people you meet.

Make connecting with people a way of life

When you overcome your fear of rejection, it’ll be easier to make cold calls and strike up conversations with strangers.

The person sitting next to you at a banquet or on an airplane may be feeling as uncomfortable as you are and will appreciate you breaking the ice.

Of course using VoyageUp just makes the process of breaking the ice much easier.

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