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VoyageUp for backpackers and travelers

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Staying in hostels can be a great way to meet other travelers. There is a very large and widespread community of backpackers.

After a while you can start to see the value in having a community of other people doing the exact same thing you are. And everyone has some horror / funny stories from their backpacking experience for e.g.

  • The leftovers you kept in the fridge for the next day (of course every “real” backpacker is on a budget) were eaten by some drunk guest in the night.
  • Or you have one of those days where you are so hungover that you waste the entire day in the hostel.
  • The snoring dude from last night moves out but wait – he is replaced by someone who snores even louder :).
  • And of course many of us have had the experience that you are trying to sleep and someone gets lucky in your dorm – go get a room people.

This list could go on and on. So where does VoyageUp fit into this whole picture of backpackers and travelers ? VoyageUp can help you connect with other travelers and improve your overall experience. It is available for both iOS and Android

There are multiple scenarios where VoyageUp can be handy:

1> Hostel lobby full of “Zombies“:

Group of friends at a restaurant with all people on the table occupied with cellphones


When you walk into the hostel lobby everyone is staring like a Zombie into their cellphones. They have a do not disturb me demeanor. It is difficult to figure out who to talk to in a room full of strangers. But all these people would be using the hostel WiFi.

VoyageUp let’s you directly connect with other users on the same WiFi network as you are without sending / accepting invites.

In the next few weeks we will launch a feature for Hostel / hotel owners to broadcast their upcoming events / offers to all the VoyageUp users in their WiFi network.

2> Avoid the same repeated questions:

People ask you the same basic questions every time: Where are you from? Where are you going? Where have you been? How long are you traveling for? How long are you here? You can update most of this information on your profile page.

Other people won’t have a need to ask these questions again. And you can check out profiles of other users too. You can find much more interesting information about each other and use better things as conversation starters instead of the same boring questions.

3> Help out / Get help: 


There are many occasions when you need some quick help from someone while traveling. You forgot your iPhone charger in your room. Or you checked in your laptop charger and have a long layover now.

You can use VoyageUp to let other users nearby know that you need some help and they can help you out. Alternatively you can provide them some help. This doesn’t have to be just borrowing / lending stuff. You may need help with public transport or some other thing when you are traveling / backpacking.

4> Just Hangout / Shared Activities

Group of friends celebrating on the beach in LA. Concept about friendship, good mood and people

Use the activities section in VoyageUp to figure out what activities the other users are interested in. Hang out with the folks who are open for the things you like. Go for a pub crawl, wine tasting or find a partner for a hike or run.

5> Events / offers for you

In the next few weeks we will launch a feature where the hostel owner can broadcast upcoming events, offers and other information to all VoyageUp users connected to their Wi-Fi. There will also be an option to discover nearby businesses and hyper local deals.

Remember VoyageUp is not a swipe right / swipe left kind of App.

We believe real world connections are much more valuable than online connections. It lets you make real connections with folks or simply help each other out.

This can enhance your overall travel / backpacking experience and help you make new friends easily !

By: Ashutosh Dabral

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