7 ways to use VoyageUp ?>

7 ways to use VoyageUp

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There are various ways you can use VoyageUp and make new connections. We have compiled a small list

  • Missing something?

Beg, Borrow or Steal. Nobody cares which. But not everyone is Eddie Guerrero so why not have a fourth option. Step Up and VoyageUp. Missing an extension cord before an important presentation? Or maybe you desperately need a power bank to take a phone interview? Now there is an easy solution. Our app enables you to get what you need as fast as possible with minimal effort. With just a few clicks you can get to know who else in the vicinity carries that elusive Apple cable.

  • Blind dating:

We’ve all been through the vicious cycle. “Oh I know someone who’s just perfect for you!! I’ll set you guys up.” Followed by a terrible evening listening about the intricate details about the most pointless job of a person you probably never wanted to meet in the first place or why not to eat the cranberries or vinaigrette dressing due to their “overly high sugar content.” No one has time for all this. VoyageUp is tailor made for this kind of thing. Odds are you’re going to find a better partner when you hang out at the same places. So anywhere with WiFi is now open territory. Who needs a wingman? Who needs pointless small talk? Finding someone who is perfect for you just got a whole lot easier

  • Ride sharing

Can’t afford a cab, too much luggage for the bus. If only you had a buddy to share a ride with, and now you do 🙂 Voyage Up, see if anyone is headed where you are and split the bill. As simple as that. Student flying into a busy airport? 9 times out of 10 headed to Institute Accomodation. Save the Earth carpooling while also saving yourself an easy buck.

  • Real Life Quora

For those of you that don’t know what Quora is, head over here and find out.Quora is a question-and-answer website where questions are asked and answered by its community of users.Here’s a thought. Why not just ask the person directly? This is often because we don’t meet skilled professionals needed to answer appropriately. But who knows, maybe the guy standing behind you in line at the movie theatre happens to be an IT service guy who could tell you in a split second why you’re laptop keeps messing up exactly when you need it. And you could find the answer simply by logging on and having a look.

  • Marketing and Targeted Advertising

Being in marketing isn’t a 9-5 job. It’s 24×7, non stop, always on the lookout for more customers. It’s a hard life and everyone likes a good life hack. Think about it. You’re at a mall on sunday afternoon because little Johnny wanted to play at the arcades. Watching him shoot aliens and destroy mutants gets old after like five minutes. So why not log in some extra hours on the job. Connect to the mall WiFi and have a look who’s also sauntering around with nothing better to do. Maybe that elusive customer you need to push your sales above your monthly target. Definitely worth a try right?

  • Expanding your Worldview: 

You have some opinion about different subjects and you know your friends` and relatives’ points of view about them too. But there are millions of other people who think differently and can give you their sometimes unpredictable yet smart ideas that’ll expand your worldview. This way you become more intelligent because you have a chance to compare and to operate more opinions about the same question.

Author: Vishakh PadmaKumar

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