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7 ways to use VoyageUp ?>

7 ways to use VoyageUp

There are various ways you can use VoyageUp and make new connections. We have compiled a small list Missing something? Beg, Borrow or Steal. Nobody cares which. But not everyone is Eddie Guerrero so why not have a fourth option. Step Up and VoyageUp. Missing an extension cord before an important presentation? Or maybe you desperately need a power bank to take a phone interview? Now there is an easy solution. Our app enables you to get what you need…

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How to break the ice ? ?>

How to break the ice ?

  In the world we live in it’s often a case of whom you know as opposed to what you know counts for more. Sometimes you need that slight bit of help getting the door open, putting your name in the hat so to speak. For better or worse, networking does in fact have a huge impact on the opportunities that come your way. Many people think of networking as attendance at cheesy business card exchange events or suffering through…

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VoyageUp – Make Real World Connections over Wi-Fi ?>

VoyageUp – Make Real World Connections over Wi-Fi

Author: Team VoyageUp VoyageUp lets you discover users in a WiFi network and make new connections without having to send or receive invites. A FREE app available for iPhone and other smart phones  VoyageUp is a networking and messenger app wherein you can discover other users who are on the same Wi-Fi network as you are. You can network with these people at hotels, airports, events, stadiums, colleges, malls and other public places. Or someone nearby who is just looking…

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A Soccer fan meets another Soccer fan ?>

A Soccer fan meets another Soccer fan

  Is there anything that brings people closer together than football? Thousands of fans flock the stadiums week after week and some even take the challenge of traveling to far off games. Watching superstars like Messi, Ronaldo and Neymar dazzle crowds with audacious pieces of skill, or watching homegrown wonder-kids break through the first team ranks like Harry Kane or Gianluigi Donnarumma, I’m sure every football fan would agree that the stadium experience is irreplaceable. Although in recent years, fan attendance is…

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