Helping to bring the world closer together

We cross paths with many people daily. But most of the time we have limited or no interactions with them.
There should be an easy way to discover and connect with people around me. This was the initial idea which led to the development of VoyageUp.

We wanted to make it easier for people to walk across the room and have a real conversation with someone new

Meet Our Team

Ashutosh Dabral

Co Founder : IIM Calcutta alumni. 14+ years of consumer internet product experience at Yahoo, AOL,, Loves tech, travel and Tennis

Umesh Joshi

Co Founder : IIT Kanpur alumni. 16+years of experience across technology and product roles at Yahoo, VMware, Talisma, McAffee.

Pankaj Kunwar

iOS engineering lead : 4+ years of iOS development experience at Infosys and Airwatch. A fitness enthusiast, love travelling and partying. A big foodie

Shobhit Dimri

Tech Lead : 8+ years of experience in open source backend technologies at Airpush and a few other startups. Avid biker, traveler and hiker.

Hari Krishnan

iOS developer : 2+ years of iOS development experience in a couple of startups.

Pavan Kumar

Android Lead : 4+ years of Android experience in a couple of startups.

Lajeet Adhikary

Android Developer : 1+ year of Android experience. Android Developer, technology enthusiast, explorer, navigator, a newbie traveler.

Rashmi Anand

Business Development: A contemporary dancer and a badminton player, Rashmi leads the Business Development initiatives at VoyageUp.

Gloria Radicheva
Balakrishna D C

Backend Developer: 1+ years of experience in backend technologies, Bala,is a key backend developer of the team.

Federico Jorge

Federico is a marketer from Argentina. He loves traveling and meeting new people. He lives in Salta, a touristic city that welcomes tons of visitors from all over the world, all year long.

Suzana Ilić

Tech, Business Development. Suzana leads the business development and partnerships for VoyageUp in Tokyo.

Romeu Lourenço

Final year student of a marketing Bachelor degree. Love to explore the world with a surfboard and a bike. And also with books. Working on partnerships and growth for VoyageUp in Portugal.

VoyageUp is part of the bootstrap track of the Facebook FbStart program

VoyageUp is part of the bootstrap track of the Facebook FbStart program